Dr. Mike Longoria

2023 Plant a Rainbow Early Childhood Conference > Dr. Mike Longoria

Mike Longoria, a.k.a. Dr. Mike!, has a Ph.D. in early childhood education and has 28 years of early childhood experience in the capacity as a Pre-K, kindergarten, and special education teacher, Head Start administrator, University professor, independent consultant, and curriculum developer.

Dr. Mike has keynoted early childhood conferences nationally and has conducted staff development for child care providers, Head Start, PreK, and kindergarten teachers throughout the country.  His innovative and original approach to integrating music and movement in the classroom will allow you to experience the joy and excitement it brings to learning, while creating new neural pathways in the brain, “building muscles in young brains”.  Furthermore, research supports that movement is the preferred style of learning for “fidgety”, “overactive” and “inattentive” children.  This form of teaching not only makes learning fun and exciting, but more importantly, it meets the needs of ALL children.

Early childhood professionals leave Dr. Mike’s keynotes and training excited, motivated, and aware of the importance of integrating music and movement within their instruction for the student’s cognitive, linguistic, physical, mental, social, and academic benefit.  This form of “brain-base teaching” promotes accelerated learning and longer retention while bringing JOY to education.