As long as Stephen can remember, he has always loved music. At the young age of five he had big dreams of being the fifth Beatle. That whole British band thing never panned out, but, he has found something just as cool, if not cooler. He has realized his dream of playing before crowds of screaming fans – the very young variety. The bonus is that through his play (it’s not really work if you love it), he is able to share his passion for music with them while simultaneously aiding in their education.

Stephen Fite is an award-winning musician/writer whose albums have received eighteen nationally recognized honors. Suitable for the classroom, car or living room, his upbeat brand of children’s music spans the spectrum from Rock to Reggae, Pop to Blues, Dixieland and many other styles.

His songwriting and recordings span nearly three decades with 17 CDs and 1 Concert DVD as testament to his work in Early Childhood. Those years of work have led him to one undeniable conclusion; children learn best when they are moving and actively involved. That belief is his daily focus and prime motivation for creating and producing tunes that do just that: let children move.